Thanks to everyone who helped #jjSSS happen!

Song In Sixty Seconds was an idea born in the form of a mega tough challenge, and naturally evolved into something remarkably rewarding.  Two months ago, with a van brimful of boxes & a desire to work on my music in Los Angeles, I trekked the country with my co-pilot Gina Buck.  Just weeks after the continental transition, my roommate (Den Father) Raul, proposed this: “Wanna up your YouTube presence?  Do it with frequency.  Release a song-a-day.”  This was nothing new, and certainly not some revolutionary formula.  Still, inspired and intrigued, I set forth…with little expectations, I hoped to garner a few new followers at best, embracing the summer everyday in July became the beast to tackle.  Though I saw a steady increase, when all was said and done, the # of followers & subscribers mattered less to me than when I started.  What I genuinely took away from this project was a reminder; focus & commitment of this magnitude had become so unfamiliar.  Getting back into the swing of delivering something everyday felt foreign, like homework or a book report, but with a new sense of satisfaction.  So take this as a pay it forward mandate of inspiration and gratitude.  Thanks Raul. Thanks Gina. Thanks roommates. Thank you to my very talented friends who collaborated. Thank you fans for accompanying me on this inaugural voyage. Tolerating my daily shenanigans or generously ignoring the social media deluge wasn’t easy, and for that – I applaud YOU!   #jjSSS was a hoot.  See you same time, same place next year!

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