Hometowns Coming June 16th!

Hometowns is a collection of songs written alongside Grammy award winning songwriter/producer Jared Faber.  The original artwork here was generously contributed by Teen Titans executive producer & co-creator Pete Michail.

     Two years ago, I moved to Los Angeles from South Florida and met Jared through a BMI hosted “writing camp”. Together we wandered off & embarked on this project that takes a decidedly different approach than my previous records. After years of national touring and releasing songs on my own, I decided to go halfsies on this project with Jared & really explore some new sounds…

     Hometowns blends synth electro-pop production, programmed drums and organic instrumentations. While this new EP marks a previously unexplored sonic direction for me, it is a true testament to my personal effort of continual growth. It all portrays another side of me as an artist. I hope you’ll enjoy listening to this collaboration as much as we enjoyed making it!

Jacob Jeffries Featured on the Waves Grand Piano Plugin

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